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Friday, July 19, 2024

Voice and Data Solutions work as a consultancy/broker in the Irish Telecoms market. We work closely with a number of partners to deliver data and voice services to clients. Those partners include managed IT service companies and others such as Ergo, Hibernia Evros, MJ Flood, FKM, Ericsson LG etc.
We have also been involved in supplying our service to a number of companies moving from abroad into Ireland- Engine Yard, Dog Patch Labs, LogMeIn, Intrepid Aviation, Gilt Groupe, Survey Monkey to name a few.
The way we work is unique. We deal at a wholesale level with a number of different telecoms operators. UPC, Colt Telecom, EU Networks, Airfibre, Intellicom etc. We don't deal with providers that we feel don't offer a good enough service whether it's due to bad project management/delivery, customer service, technical ability etc. We'll only deal with the telcos that are flexible to ensure that we can have installations prioritised where required and we can escalate issues quickly in the event of issues with services.

We advise clients on what services are available at a location and which companies to go for and the reason for our choices. We then purchase the service on their behalf and project manage the installation for them. We bill the end client directly for the services whether it be internet, data, TDM voice, SIP, hosted voice etc. We guarantee that the pricing will be competitive as we purchase at a wholesale level and add margin to the services on a monthly basis. We don't charge for the consultancy element of it i.e. scoping the site, advising on options, project managing the installations etc.
Effectively, we become a single point of contact for installations and management of the services and ensure that the telcos deliver on time and deliver what has been promised. We take care of numbering, IP addressing and porting where required. Your company would have a single point of contact for getting all services delivered.

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